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Super Bill Information

What is a Super Bill?

A super bill resembles an invoice, but has specific information, such as appropriate diagnostic information and treatment codes, that are itemized in a way that health plans use to process claims and consider these requests to be counted towards your deductible.  It is not guaranteed that our services will be covered by your insurance carrier, but you may be eligible for some level of reimbursement.  It is recommended that you contact your insurance company and ask whether they will cover an out-of-network provider. 

What questions should l ask my insurance carrier to find out if I'm eligible for insurance reimbursements for your services?


It is important for you to understand the extent of your coverage through your insurance carrier.  Consider exploring the following questions with your provider:

  1.  What is needed to begin services with an out-of-network provider?  Do I need a referral or authorization prior to my visits? How often? 

  2. What screenings/assessments and codes are required to qualify my child for speech therapy?

  3. What are the plan guidelines for out-of-network providers?

  4. Is my plan’s coverage of outpatient speech therapy based upon medical necessity? If so, what diagnoses are covered under “medical necessity”?

  5. To what extent will my child's sessions be covered?

  6. Is there an exception process which would allow my child to be seen at an out-of-network provider clinic at the in-network level?

  7. Do I have a deductible?

  8. What is my co-pay or co-insurance percentage?

  9. How many visits do I get per calendar year?

  10. Where can I submit the super bill to receive reimbursement?  (Claim offices and policies will vary by company)


How quickly can you produce a Super Bill for my reimbursement?


We will need at least a week's notice to provide you with a super bill.  We can also provide you with a one super bill for the month if you would like.  

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