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COVID-19 Procedures

Due to the pandemic, we have implemented changes at our practice in order to to maintain the safety and health of our clients and our staff during face-to-face visits. Please read through them and let us know if you have any questions. We thank you in advance for your compliance with the following:

  • A pre-session health screening will take place for each client before entering the building:

    • Clients will have their temperature taken. Any client with a fever over 100.0 cannot be seen for services that day

    • Parents/caregivers will be asked to report any COVID-19 symptoms the child has had in the past 14 days

    • Parents/caregivers will be asked if any person in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms within the past 14 days

  • If a client has a fever over 100.0 or the answer or does not pass any of the screening questions, the client will not be seen for therapy that day. There will be no charge for the missed session as a last-minute cancellation.

  • Clients will sanitize their hands before starting and at the conclusion of their therapy.

  • We strongly recommend therapy sessions take place in an outdoor setting, when possible.

  • We ask that you please limit the number of people to the child and one parent in the area that therapy is taking place.

  • Unless other adults and children over 6 are in a room with the door closed, we kindly ask that everyone in the home please wear a mask if they are in common areas (e.g. living room, family room…etc) during the appointment.

  • We will not be providing masks for clients or their family members.  Please provide your own personal masks.

  • For families who choose to travel to a current “Covid hotspot,” please note it is strongly suggested that a 14 day quarantine be implemented. While Tic Talk Toes Therapy will not be inquiring client whereabouts, we urge families to take this recommendation seriously before entering therapy.  If a therapist hears of a client’s trip to a hotspot and is uncomfortable with this, it will be the therapist’s decision to cancel the session.

  • Clients who have been ill may not return to therapy until they have been fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 72 hours.    Due to COVID-19’s incubation period, we will reschedule any sick appointments after 2 weeks out from the original visit date.

  • Clients are to limit eating and drinking during the appointment,

  • Client’s families will be notified of precautions Tic Talk Toes Therapy is taking to minimize the spread of infection so they are aware of the risk of their child returning to therapy.

  • Social distancing will be used when possible, however, it is very likely that your child’s therapist will be within 6 feet of your child during their therapy session. Masks and/or face shields are available to our therapy staff to wear during the session, but due to the nature of some therapies, they may be removed for part or all of your child’s therapy sessions to facilitate strategies that help your child in therapy.

  • Clients who are immunocompromised, medically fragile, or who are otherwise at risk for complications arising from catching an illness are encouraged not to engage in in-person, visits at this time. Please continue telehealth services to meet your child’s needs. Any client who is not ready to return to the clinic can still receive services through telehealth.

  • If we are made aware that a client tests positive for COVID-19, the Health Department will be notified and notification of potential exposure will be sent to Tic Talk Toes families.


  • Staff have been educated about our COVID-19 precautions, use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), new policies and universal precautions related to decreasing the spread of germs and sanitation

  • Staff who have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 will not report to work and will follow CDC guidelines about returning to work

  • Staff with members of their household who have COVID-19 or who are symptomatic of COVID-19 will not report to work

  • Staff will take their temperature upon arrival to work.  Anyone with a fever of 100.4 or greater will be sent home.

  • Staff must pass the same screening questions as clients when they report to work daily. Staff will be sent home if they answer “yes” to any screening questions.

  • ·Staff are required to sanitizing all material after each session.  If the item is not able to be santitized, it will be left out for a minimum of 72 hours before the next usage.  

  • Staff must wear face masks during the session.  They have been provided with both clear and opaque masks.

  • Face shields provided to our staff, but remain optional.  

  • If a staff member has a fever or becomes ill, they may return to work if they have met the following criteria:

    • Fever free for 72 hours

    • Other symptoms have improved

    • At least 7 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared

    • A negative result from a COVID-19 test

  • If a staff member becomes ill with COVID-19 or COVID-19 -like symptoms, the Health Department will be notified and a notification of potential exposure will be sent to Tic Talk Toes Therapy families by the Clinic Managers


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