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Give the Gift of Therapy

TicTalkToes Therapy has a mission to serve families and communities that cannot afford individual therapy.  In our work, we have heard the voices of families desperate to find resources and services for their children, but cannot afford any of them.  These families, like others, just want their child to receive support to further strengthen and develop their skills.  Unfortunately, we see these cases the most when children are discharged from Early Start at age 3 and do not qualify for services at the school district.  A child is eligible for services in Early Start if they have a 33% delay, whereas a child must score under the 7th percentile (93% delay) to qualify for school district services!  A child loses crucial time between that time for early intervention. By giving the Gift of Therapy, you can sponsor therapy sessions for a child in this situation.  

How It Works

You can support our mission by donating* a gift of therapy! Donate on a monthly or one time basis to support therapy sessions for a child who's family cannot afford individual therapy.  You will receive a letter or artwork from the child and/or their family you are supporting. Due to confidentiality policies, we cannot provide you the name or picture of the child.

A donation gift of $80 gives one 1-hour session and a donation of $150 gives two 1-hour sessions.

Donate online or send a check made out to TicTalkToes Therapy and mail to: 1769 Park Ave Suite 210 San Jose, CA 95126

If you have a child that needs speech or occupational therapy, but financial stressors are impacting your ability to get services, apply to see if you qualify for this program!

*Please note that we are a for-profit business, so your donation is considered a gift and cannot be tax deductible.